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Why Join Local 3972?


A question that is often asked is “What will the Union do for me?”  


  • Networking- You will be joining a network of over 3,200 Locals throughout the United States and Canada with over 300,000 IAFF members throughout the United States and Canada.  The Jefferson County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 3972, with over 100 members, is also associated with the Kentucky Professional Firefighters (KPFF), which represents the 45+ Kentucky IAFF Locals with over 2,500 Kentucky IAFF members.

  • Advocacy- IAFF Local 3972 and the KPFF fight to introduce and support local, state, and federal legislation that protects firefighters’ livelihoods, including health and benefits.  Currently, your state IAFF members are working hard on your behalf to pass a cancer presumptive bill.  In addition to legislation, your interests are also represented before federal, state, and local agencies.     

  • Unity- By working together on important issues, fire service relationships become stronger, creating additional opportunities for positive growth.  In order to gain political power and influence, Jefferson County Professional Firefighters must collectively speak with a united voice, clearly communicating to our Fire Service Leaders where the Union stands on issues. 

  • Legal Assistance- IAFF Local 3972 can provide its Members with legal guidance and assistance.  The IAFF and the KPFF have quick access to the top law firms in the nation and state to take on issues affecting Jefferson County Professional Firefighters.  With recent legal activity, IAFF Local 3972 has proven that it can truly support their members when wrong has been done.  We stand strong in the face of adversity and can hold true to our values, standing up for what is fair and for what is just.

  • Political Activity- It is crucial to understand that everything that affects Kentucky Firefighters is ultimately decided by an elected official or someone appointed by an elected official.  Political action at the federal, state, and local level is the only way to help ensure that firefighter-friendly candidates are elected to public office in order to improve upon and protect the issues that are important to firefighters.  The IAFF is one of the most active lobbying organizations in Washington.  It’s Political Action Committee, FIREPAC, is among the top 25 federal PACs among the more than 4,000 in the country.  FIREPACs are established at the local and state level as well.  All political activity is funded through this fund.  FIREPAC helps support those officials who support the IAFF.  By joining IAFF Local 3972, you will have opportunities to get involved and increase the political power of professional Kentucky Firefighters, both locally and nationally.

  • Leadership- IAFF Local 3972, the KPFF, and the IAFF have leaders who can mobilize members and get action going when it is needed.  In addition, our leaders have access to information and resources directly from the IAFF that can assist in training, budget planning, staffing, human resources.

  • Training- The IAFF has been a leader in promoting and developing various training programs that are available to our Members including Fireground Survival and Hazmat/WMD.  Locally, IAFF Local 3972 takes a proactive approach to education and trainings.  A training committee has been set in place to analyze and determine how we as an organization can meet the education and training needs of not only our members, but those of all firefighters in Jefferson County and our surrounding areas.  We take the issue of education and training seriously and look to provide more timely and progressive training opportunities in the future.  In the past, we have hosted Dave Dodson’s “Art of Reading Smoke”, the Fire Smoke Coalition’s HCN class, and Eddie Buchanan’s “Leading with Attitude” at low to no cost to our members.  And recently, we sponsored our members and spouses to attend the Chip Terry Seminar at no cost to them.  In addition, the IAFF and KPFF offer numerous seminars and workshops to train your Local leadership in dealing with current and future challenges.

  • Member-Only Website Access-IAFF Local 3972 Members have member-only access to the IAFF SMART website (smart.iaff.org) to assist in informing them of current local activities and issues.  In addition, member-only access is granted to the KPFF’s and International’s sites, which provide additional information and resources.

  • Technical Assistance- The IAFF stands ready to assist our Local with any and all challenges our Members could face including dealing with inadequate departmental staffing and fire and EMS consolidation.  The IAFF Computer Geographical Information System is a one-of-a kind program to assist with various response time presentations.

  • Research- The IAFF has been the unquestionable national leader in research at almost no cost to its members.  Through grants from the federal government and private foundations, the IAFF is responsible for initiating the needed research which has set the standards to include firefighter protective clothing, staffing, SCBAs, firefighter safety, and firefighter health and wellness.

  • Newsletter- Members are mailed a quarterly newsletter from the IAFF that highlights Union activities (with IAFF Local 3972 featured in the Spring 2015 issue), firefighter-related legislation, and other issues important to firefighters across the country.

  • Giving Back-The IAFF supports many resources that give back to the community and to those who serve it, including the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Disaster Relief Fund, the IAFF Burn Foundation, Operation Warm, the Redmond Fund (supports research and education regarding the occupational hazards and diseases associated with firefighting), and the Fallen Firefighter Memorial.  Locally, IAFF Local 3972 Members have supported the Crusade for Children, Supporting Heroes (an organization that supports fallen emergency responders families during their time of need), firefighter Combat Challenge teams, an annual Coats for Kids Drive, and the Brothers Keepers Motorcycle Club (a local firefighter motorcycle club that conducts an annual burn run to raise money for adolescent burn victims to attend summer camp).

  • Scholarship Assistance- The IAFF sponsors scholarship programs for students attending colleges and universities.  Detailed information including other links detailing scholarships from other organizations that may be of interest to IAFF members and their families can be found at www.iaff.org.

  • IAFF Member Benefits/Discounts- IAFF Local 3972 Members have access to Union Plus which provides an enormous amount of consumer benefits/discounts to members of participating labor unions.  The latest list of benefits/discounts can be located at www.unionplus.org.

  • Other Interests- Members can participate in many other interests including the IAFF Motorcycle Group, Union Sportsmen Alliance, and the International Firefighters Union Alliance. Visit www.iaff.org for additional information.

Now that you know what the union will do for you, the real question is what will you do to ensure our firefighters are being taken care of now and into the future?


The IAFF is the driving force behind nearly every advance in the fire and emergency services in the 21st century—from the introduction of shift schedules early in the last century to the enactment of SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response).  With extremely active political and legislative programs, and with recognized experts in the fields of occupational health and safety, fire-based emergency medical services and hazardous materials training, the IAFF has established professional standards for the North American fire service.

Today, the IAFF is the primary advocate for firefighters.  The IAFF provides a strong voice in the development and implementation of new training and equipment, and has worked hard to ensure the proper staffing of fire and EMS departments.

The IAFF is a member driven organization…FOR FIREFIGHTERS, BY FIREFIGHTERS.

The only way we can overcome the challenges that firefighters face today is to stand united.  Without commitment and active participation from our Jefferson County Firefighters, we already have and will continue to lose the benefits that have been granted to our profession. 

We must protect what we have and work together to secure and build the future.  This cannot be accomplished without the continued effort and perseverance of IAFF Local 3972 Members.   


  • Who can join?-You must be a career firefighter and/or EMT/Paramedic with a suburban Jefferson County Fire District with the rank of Major/Battalion Chief or below.

  • How do I join?-Visit smart.iaff.org to begin creating your account today!  If you have any questions, please contact your Department VP, and if your department currently does not have one, click HERE to send a request.

  • Where do my dues go?- IAFF Local 3972 has one of the lowest monthly Union dues around.  Your $35 monthly dues not only support various IAFF activities locally, but throughout the state and nation as well.  Your dues are shared amongst three monthly per capita fees and split amongst the IAFF , the Kentucky Professional Firefighters, and IAFF Local 3972.  With our minimial funding, we have been able to support extensive legal activity, maintain IAFF Local 3972 legal counsel, support various charities, provide training opportunities, and obtain a permanent IAFF Local 3972 office location.  In every respect, $35 per month is a minimal investment in order to provide our Jefferson County Professional Firefighters with vital support and protection!

  • Do I have to support the political candidates endorsed by the IAFF?- Absolutely not!  Political candidates endorsed by the IAFF are strictly chosen on those who support firefighters and the issues that affect them, nothing else.  We know there are many issues that determine what candidate you choose and we support your power to choose.  Opportunities to support those political candidates who support firefighters will be available to those wish to participate.  In addition, no IAFF Local 3972 membership dues are used to support one political candidate over another.  If available, Political Action funds are used to support such activity.


As a truly member-driven organization, FOR FIREFIGHTERS, BY FIREFIGHTERS, IAFF Local 3972 has grown from its 15 charter members in 1999 to the nearly 100 today.  But, our work is not done.  In spite of the work and dedication of many positive Fire Service Leaders in Jefferson County, harm continues to be made upon many of our Jefferson County Professional Firefighters’ livelihoods.  Misapplication and violation of department policies, Inappropriate disciplinary practices, inconsistent salaries, disparate health benefits, difficult working conditions, training issues, and excessive threats of Chapter 75 hearings through intimidation tactics are just some of the challenges we must overcome.

 Join today to protect and serve those who protect and serve us.



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